Richard Amery from The Lethbridge Alberta Beat Arts & Entertainment Magazine (Lethbridge, Alberta – June 2023).

"Incendiary Hamilton based punk duo Artificial Dissemination made a long awaited return to Lethbridge for a drunken good time at The Slice, Tuesday, June 20."

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Jack Barten from The Walleye Magazine (Thunder Bay, Ontario - June, 2023).

"In many cases, new bands rarely last even a year. But then there's Artificial Dissemination who are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year with a cross-Canada tour, with a stop at Black Pirates Pub on June 16."

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Ryan Hilton from Pale Horse Productions (Mississauga, Ontario - November 27, 2021).

"I cant talk enough to a lot of people about how seriously awesome it is to see Artificial Dissemination live. These folks have cultivated a sound and energy that is unique to their own compositions, yet pulls from some of the greats like Dead Kennedys and The Germs while still maintaining their own brand of punk."




No Productivity Blog. (Kitchener, Ontario - January 19, 2021).

“Modern Day Peasants is exactly what I wanted in a punk album in 2020.     

10 songs of solid, hard-hitting punk rock that’s equal parts serious and sarcastic, with solid doses of fun throughout. I honestly think it’s their best record so far, with their 2015 album Take Us To Your Leader as a close second.

As with their previous work, every song on here shows up, beats you around the head, and then leaves before you really know what hit you. But unlike other punk records that take the same approach, every song on the album is unique and catchy enough that it stays with you, which isn’t an easy feat to pull off. The entire record is loaded with hooks that I continually found stuck in my head for hours after listening to the album.  And at a quick 10 songs in 22 minutes, I found myself playing it over and over again on repeat nearly every time it landed on my turntable.

Compared to their previous work it definitely has a darker, more aggressive feel to it which reminded me a lot of some of the more aggressive punk-veering-on-the-edge-of-hardcore bands in the early 90s like Born Against and Econochrist, but with much catchier songs.”




Top 10 Albums (with reviews) of 2020 by No Productivity (Canada - January 19, 2021)




Ginny Fanthome, author of the novel "Loose Gravel," the grimy road story of a fictitious punk rock band on their first tour (Toronto, Ontario – Jan 7, 2021)


"This album is pure, classic hard-hitting Artificial Dissemination. Robot Apocalypse opens the record with the band's rough and urgent guitar licks and the charging back-and-forth vocals between Shawna and Jamie. I especially liked the lyrics to this song the most as its a sentiment I strongly share with the band.


One of my favorite tracks is Debt Slave, which reminds me so much of the Dead Kennedys in a lotta ways, especially the main guitar riff.


Fathead Doug Ford is given a much-deserved, solid ass-kicking in Doug's Thugs and in the hilarious cartoons surrounding lyric sheet. However, I'm probably going to have nightmares about the image of his giant Ontario Place head. Thanks guys.


Gimme opens side 2 and is like a big old punk rock punch in the face with a kick-ass drum beat and classic punk rock lyrics about unsatiable corporate greed.


On top of the great tunes, you really gotta love a band who gives you crazy-coloured vinyl AND a full-size fanzine insert complete with pix and lyrics. Well worth the price."




Nick Press, Eh!CAB Compilation, curator and member of D.T.F., punx (British Columbia – Oct 2, 2020)

“We are pleased to present the inimitable Artificial Dissemination all the way from T.O./Hamilton. As far as I can tell, AD is only a two-piece, featuring a drummer and six-stringer. Both members sing over their crusty, stripped down style of punk, and the mingling of their voices creates a chaotic dynamic reminiscent of Nausea or even Crass.


By alphabetical accident, Artificial Dissemination's track 'Politix of Violence' was always at the top of the list as we were gathering songs for the compilation. When it came time to order the tracks for mastering, I realised that in fact, no other song would work as well as the album opener. The slow fade-in of guitars, the siren samples, the straightforward, in-your-face attitude of the vocals, all contribute to make this track the perfect tone-setter for the album overall.


AD has also submitted a second song, 'Witch Hunt', which sees them push themselves into crustier, noisier territory, with Shawna's vocals coming into the foreground as the duo experiments with a more abstract structure. It's a fuckin ripper of a song that pulls absolutely zero punches, and I'm stoked to have it on the comp."




Stephe Perry,  host on the punk radio show EqualizingXDistort, CIUT 89.5FM  (Toronto, Ontario - July 26, 2020) 

“We started out the show with FUCK SHIT UP from your latest.  Just felt like a song that was summing up the frustration with the state of the world these days.  It’s an anthem to me.”




Stephen Weser,  fan mail on Bandcamp (Texas, USA - July 25, 2020)

“Wow great music, first time hearing you guys.  I live in Texas.  Hope when the covid stuff is over or better controlled (lol) you come to Texas on tour, buy you guys a beer.  Check out a great Texas band, the Smartboyz.  Not a plug, just friends.  You guys have a great sound.  Keep up the fight.” 




Mark Mahar,  post on Facebook by the Vocalist & Bassist for BARBED WIRE BRACES (Hamilton, Ontario - July 15, 2020)

“More catchy than the clap!” (ed note - re: the song “Ugly Pickle Polka” on the new album MODERN DAY PEASANTS)




Miss Emvy, fan review of BIG BROTHER & THE DICKHEADS on Bandcamp (Fredericton NB – June 2020)

“Love the vibe. Great energy, fast-paced, and songs that are actually about something -- which is what I think a lot of punk bands miss. The artwork is cool and I love the zine. Favourite track:  Sell U Shit!”




Amity (Toronto, Ontario - May 18, 2019)

"I gave up trying to take photos as Shawna and Jamie just gave it so much. I couldn't focus on anything other than the music and pure feeling of raw intensity at the time."




Staicha Haradyn, owner of Hamilton's vegan punk restaurant "The Hearty Hooligan" (Hamilton, Ontario – March 31, 2019)

"Artificial Dissemination is the Hamilton punk scene's gift to the world. Can't wait for the new record."




David Baillie, author of the novel "What We Salvage" (Hamilton, Ontario - March 17, 2019)

"I STILL can't get my head around how the two of you could get that rich and complex sound out of one guitar and a kit."




Leighcifer Unicornius, Windsor Ontario (Nov 17, 2017)

"You guys are pure official gut punk."




Top Ten Music Releases of 2016 (in alphabetical order) by Grant Forsythe, self-described grouchy old man, microphone screamer at Neighbourhood Watch. (Jan 28, 2017)

1)  Artificial Dissemination - Past. Present. Future  CD
2)  The Bourbon Saints - Shake, Rattle, Explode  CDEP
3)  Dayglo Abortions - Apocalypse Survival Guide  LP
4)  Forbidden Dimension - Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass  2CD
5)  The Freeze - Someone's Bleeding  7"
6)  Hard Charger - Bad Omens  LP
7)  Jim Threat And The Vultures - Afraid of The Dark  7"EP
8)  Mad Parade - Real Horror Show 1982-1983 Demos  LP
9)  Shattered Faith - Volume 3  LP
10)  The Undead - The Morgue... The Merrier  LP





Top Ten Canadian Songs of 2016 by Rob Ferraz, DJ on EqualizingXDistort Radio  (Jan 8, 2017)

BIG BROTHER – Ignorance is Strength (Unknown / No Time)
FASHIONISM – Stop Drop and Rock 'n Roll (Dirt Cult)
ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION – I Liked You Better When You Were Dead (Seminal)
DUCHESS SAYS – Pink Coffin (Slovenly)
DOA – Fucked Up Donald (Sudden Death)
HARD CHARGER – Fed Up Nihilist Blues (Vleeksak)
THE MANTS – El Plunge-O (Dead Beat)
BISHOPS GREEN – Do Anything You Want to Do (Rebellion)
PSEUDO – Albatrosses (Self-Released)

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Ian Wilkinson's favourite studio 3 sessions before 2016, studio engineer for EqualizingXDistort Radio  (Jan 8, 2017)

DISDONUT – Old Fashion Pain (CIUT)
LIGHTMARES – Sweat of a Hero (CIUT)

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Review of CD Release show at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto by  BLAST! TORONTO  (Dec 13, 2016)

"Artificial Dissemination hit the stage with their high energy punk and piss attitude.  It's hard to believe this is a two piece band…These two love to come crashing through your skull and lick the remains of your brain on the floor… "

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Karen Juanita, go-go dancer at Cherry Cola's in Toronto  (Dec 23, 2016)

" …. the time I discovered Artificial Dissemination, a punk duo from Hamilton, and just stood there with my jaw wide open, thinking:  "Now that's a fucking punk band"! "




Luc Lavoie.  From Toronto,  Ontario but in Quebec City at the time  (Dec 2016)

"I have probably seen more than a hundred bands in 2016.  Most memorable gig, OI POLLOI! With Artificial Dissemination in Quebec City for Thanksgiving.  I went with my nephew.  Derek addressed the sold out crowd in French the whole time; quite impressive.  Great music, good crowd, friendly staff… a hard to beat combination."  - 




M.V. from Winnipeg, Manitoba  (Nov 2016)

"For what its worth I really dig your authentic punk sound. Punk today is far from the real deal, so it was great to see you guys doing it right!  I'm sure it wasn't your first trip to Winnipeg and hopefully not your last. We've lost a lot of great punk venues, ie: the royal albert and the zoo.. But we still have a lot to go around." 




Jim Hare.  Guelph, Ontario  (Nov, 2016)

"Another great band I love from Ontario!  Artificial Dissemination!  I got the new CD this weekend and it rules." 




S.W.  from Halifax, Nova Scotia but in Allison, Ontario at the time (Oct 2016)

"You guys blew my mind when I heard you. There's a lot of imitators but you guys are keeping punk real, original, and live.  I love your sound. There's no gimmick to your stage presence.  You simply are yourselves. That's the freedom punk is about.  Love your CD btw." 




Review of the "Take Us To Your Leader" LP by MAXIMUMROCKANDROLL  (March 2016)



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Absolute Underground Interview by Ira Hunter, April/May 2016 Issue.

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Absolute Underground Interview with AD




Music fan in BC (Dec 31, 2015)

“What a great year. Got to see L7 OfficialSPREE KILLERSthe RipcordzRiot PornThe GNAR GNARS, the Sofistifucks,THRASHARDSSolanumBig SugarDiemondsBlackhound,Quagmire, 77 GunsPressure CrackedArtificial Dissemination, Hearts of Stone, KEG KillersHard Up, Arraibio, SNFU, even the Smalls and The Pinkslips, the Reunion of Prostitots, Free Beers, McNasties and the motherfucking Whore MoansMotherf*ckersThe Golers ( Inbred Militia )Legion of Goons, and the almighty Dayglo Abortions after 3 years of waiting. I love all you guys, and thank you guys for inspiring me and my friends to do what we do and how. HNY droogies.”




Review of A.D.'s 2nd vinyl release, by Brian Charles Clarke, Bucket List, (Dec 21, 2015)

Artificial Dissemination‘s second release and first full-length, Take Us To Your Leaderis punk-as-fuck...For a simple guitar, drums, and vocals duo, Artificial Dissemination know how to pack a punch. The speed and aggression on Take Us To Your Leader are relentless..."





Music fan in Alberta (Oct 21, 2015)

"You guys got more power than most five pieces. Got more heart.”




Unknown fan (July 25, 2015)

“I like it! It’s kind of like a car accident, I can’t turn away!!”




Alex Currie, promoter in Lethbridge (July 19, 2015)

“I feel really lucky as we have yet to have a band play one of our shows that I haven't really enjoyed and everyone has had phenomenal moments in there sets.  I don't have any favorite acts or favorite shows but here are some of my favorite performances so far this year:
The Matadors - Born to Run
SNFU - Victim of the Womanizer or Loser at Life / Loser at Death or Cockatoo Quill 
Artificial Dissemination - Back Home or I liked You Better When You Were Dead
The Motherfuckers - Bodies 
Spree Killers - Beerkakke 
Ohmwar featuring Jim from Western Death - The Dicks Hate the Police
Bats Out - Rebel Rock Revolution 

This is just a small selection of the many great songs that gave been played in Lethbridge so far this year ( a very small selection ).”




Richard Amery, L.A. Beat editor (July 1, 2015)

" I was blown away by Ontario punk duo Artificial Dissemination— drummer/ lead singer Jamie Problem and guitarist/vocalist Shawna Heist who blended hard core punk, street punk and surf into their own thing. They had a lot of anger and intensity, some cool guitar parts as drummer vocalist Jamie Problem railed about police and corruption and the ails of modern civilization."





Music fan in Medicine Hat (June 21, 2015) 

 “Listened to some of your tunes (ed. On Take Us To Your Leader). How the fuck is that sound made by only two people!?”




Review of A.D.’s Debut 7" EP, GLARE, by Ken Sanderson, MaximumRocknRoll (Nov 10, 2014)

"Three tracks by this rudimentary guitar and drum duo from Canada who belt out simple rhythms and straight ahead garage band (in the '77 sense) punk tunes. The A-side is punchy with shouts of hatred for the cops and declarations of punk freedom. The title track on the flip goes more ponderous dirge, as it crashes on the downside of modern technology. Comes with its own newspaper style insert, somewhere between DEAD KENNEDYS news appropriation and SIGUESIGUESPUTNIK media manipulation. It's chock-full of explanations of and expansions on the lyrics, shades of an '80s/'90s pre-internet political conspiracy or fandom monthly newsletter, pouring everything in with slightly overwhelming ebullience. Fun, glowing green vinyl EP with a lot of thought poured a top simple, sturdy punk hammerings!"




Stephe Perry, EqualizingXDistort on CIUT 89.5FM (Jun 08, 2014)

“Artificial Dissemination is a new punk band. What is unusual about them is that they are a two piece. I don't know many two piece punk bands although we spoke about Deja Voodoo but they didn't play hardcore punk. The band features Shawna Heist who you may know as the guitarist of Sluts on 45 and has played in so many punk bands in Toronto over the last few decades. On drums is Jamie Problem, who was the singer and guitarist in the legendary Problem Children, but has more recently become the singer for the Rezentments. In my run ins with these bands I have known both folks to be movers and shakers so their personality types are in sync. In the year that they have been together they have written a load of songs that we got to record tonight. The session was engineered by Ian Wilkinson. as usual, on equipment that is falling apart. He makes it sound good as did the band.”