Karen Juanita, go-go dancer at Cherry Cola’s in Toronto  (Dec 23, 2016)

Well this it is: the end of an era. I am so grateful for having been part of the history of such a unique and amazing rock n roll venue in Toronto. For the past 3 years, I have been the resident go-go dancer and have had the opportunity to experience some really great things, danced to some great music, met some awesome people and watched a TON of interesting behavior. When you're up there for 3 hours a night, you see a lot in the audience: head-banging, moshing, dancing, flirting, punching, and various stages of drunkenness. There were some highlights: like the time I discovered Artificial Dissemination, a punk duo from Hamilton, and just stood there with my jaw wide open, thinking :"Now that's a fucking punk band"! As well as the Last Vegas from Chicago, with their classic rock awesomeness and sexiness. Also Black metal night with Norwegian band Mork and Quebec City’s Svaldbard, corpspaint and all, where I worked myself into such a trance I literally felt I was transforming into a snake. Not a perfectly executed undulation, but a crawling against the wall sensation. Lycantropy I believe it's called. Also, Sierra from Toronto, with their slow building segments into heavier and darker corners. Slow Death Lights with their amazing psychedelic stoner grooves (Toronto) and Cross Dog who literally blew me off my dance booth with their genuine rage. I also produced my first burlesque metal themed show there with local bands I love, Second Pass and Black Absinthe. I was often challenged and kept on my toes when I had to dance 10 million miles a minute at 1:30 am to keep up with a punk band, but I must credit those bands for bettering my technique with speed and accuracy, and sometimes had to deal with rudeness in from the audience. But I never really had to call security. I will miss the staff, the owner the beautiful and luxurious decor, but mostly I will miss dancing up there to my favorite kind of music, rock, and seeing the joy it brings out in everyone. Thank you do much Dolly Berlin for passing on the gig to me, and Cherish Stevenson for accepting it. I will remember and love you forever.